Ralph Jerome Green – 2003 Inductee

Ralph Jerome Green was born in 1888 in Morland, Kansas. He was the son of Lemuel and Adaline Green. Ralph lived for a number of years in Alton, where his father operated the mill and Ralph attended elementary school.

A calm, soft-spoken individual, Ralph went to high school in Osborne, Kansas, where as an early entrepreneur he would catch fish on Saturdays in the South Fork Solomon River and sell them. Ambition, work and a constant pushing toward improvements were habits he gained early in life.

After high school graduation his family moved to Concordia, Kansas.  In 1917 he helped form the Green Light and Power Company in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, and served as company treasurer. Later this was reorganized into what later became the Missouri Public Services Company. By 1926 the company controlled transmission systems to 48 towns in western Missouri.

In 1940 Ralph was chairman of the board of Missouri Public Services, then a nine-million dollar corporation dealing with electricity, gas, and water. By the time of his death Ralph had built the utility into a 100-million dollar concern.

Ralph never forgot his rural beginnings and often served as a strong spokesman for the need of the public. At the age of 72 he even appeared at a farm to put up a new power line – not to oversee the job, but to climb the poles himself and put the line in place.

Ralph passed away on June 21, 1962, at Warrensburg, Missouri. The company he chaired is known today as Aquilla, a multi-national energy company worth billions of dollars with operations in Canada, Great Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

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