Hugh Albert Storer – 2001 Inductee

Hugh Albert Storer was a farmer, stockman and politician who was born in Alton, Osborne County, Kansas on February 13, 1889.  The son of Charles and Elmira Storer, Hugh grew up on the family farm near Alton and continued to operate it the rest of his life.   He married Ethel Sproal on August 20, 1915 at Bloomington in Osborne County.  Together they raised a son, Everett, and a daughter, Lois.

Hugh served as Osborne County’s official weather observer for the National Weather Service from 1908 to 1965.  He was honored by the National Weather Service for lifetime achievement in 1949 with the Thomas Jefferson Award, awarded only to those who have achieved “unusual and outstanding accomplishment in the field of meteorological observations”.

Ethel passed away in 1935 and two years later Hugh married Rachel Hart on June 1, 1937.  That same year he began the first of five terms as Osborne County’s State Representative to the Kansas Legislature, completing his last term in 1946.

Hugh also served as secretary of the Farmers Union and on the local school board, as well as with the First State Bank in Osborne, Kansas.  After a few years Hugh ran for public office once again, this time serving a four-year term as Osborne County Commissioner from 1953 to 1956.  He was a member of the Alton Masonic Lodge for over 50 years.

Hugh passed away in Salina, Kansas on October 15, 1967.  He lies buried in the Osborne Cemetery at Osborne, Kansas.

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